What Comes With a Fender Guitar? (Case, Strings, AMP?)

When you buy a Fender guitar, most of the time you get more than just the instrument. There are many accessories that will help you get started playing it right away.

Some of these accessories come with a new fender guitar, although it might vary depending on the specific accessory. So…

What Exactly Does Come With a New Fender Guitar?

With a (beginner) Fender guitar bundle the following accessories are included:

  • Frontman 10G Amp
  • Gig Bag
  • Clip-on Tuner
  • Guitar Strap
  • Cable
  • Some Picks

With a Fender guitar that is under a thousand dollars the following accessories are included:

  • Strings
  • Some guitar picks (most of the time)

With a Fender guitar that is a thousand dollars or more the following accessories are included:

  • A hardshell case
  • Strings
  • Some guitar picks
fender guitar with cables and picks

Do Fender Guitars Come With A Case?

Depending on where you buy your fender and what model you buy a fender might come with a hard case or a gig bag.

When I emailed Guitar Center to ask this, they told me that Fender Squier guitars and Fender guitars below $1000 usually don’t come with a hard case but only a gigbag if you’re lucky.

When you’re buying one of the more premium models, a hard case is often included with the purchase.

Taking a look on Amazon, you can see a lot of models that are sold separately without a case, no matter what the price of the guitar is.

There are also some Fender guitars sold as a package that include a bunch of accessories often with a hard case. But those guitar packages come at a premium compared to buying the stand-alone guitar.

At Sweetwater it’s the same as with Guitar Center, Cheaper models don’t come with a case and the more premium models come with either a gig bag or a hard case.

Guitar cases

Do Fender Guitars Come With Picks?

When you are buying your Fender at a brick-and-mortar store. You will likely get some free promotional guitar picks from the store or Fender with your purchase.

If not, you can ask the salesperson for some guitar picks. Most of the time they will give you some basic picks for free. If you want some higher-end guitar picks you probably have to pay for them.

When you are buying your Fender guitar online, sometimes it sometimes also comes with some free promotional guitar picks. But this is less likely than when you’re buying it in a physical store.

guitar pick

Do Fender Guitars Come With Cables?

Cables are not included with a Fender guitar. Unless you’re buying a bundle, which also includes a lot of other accessories like a gig-bag, picks, and an amplifier.

If you buy a separate guitar amplifier, it usually includes cables.

Do Fender Guitars Come With Straps?

Fender guitars do not come with a strap. What Fender guitars do come with, are the buttons where you put a strap on. But you have to buy the actual strap separately.

Unless you buy a beginner guitar set or package that includes a strap. But then again, the straps included in bundles like this are usually not of the highest quality.

If you’re serious about using a strap while playing guitar, I advise you to either go for a leather or woven strap that is a lot more comfortable and not itching in your neck like a nylon strap.

Are you a guitarist that is playing on stage and jumping around a lot with your guitar? Then another accessory I can’t recommend enough is some strap locks. Strap locks prevent your guitar strap from slipping off.

Do Fender Guitars Come With Strings?

Fender guitars always come with a set of strings installed on the guitar, usually tuned to standard tuning: #E#A#D#G#B#E.

It’s a good idea to put on some new guitar strings every 100 hours of playing or every three to four months of age, whichever comes first.

Changing strings often ensures you keep that crisp and new sound on your guitar. Plus, it prevents your strings from smelling bad.

But also in case of a string breaking, a spare pair of strings come in handy. You have to buy those separately thought.

guitar strings and accessories

Does a Fender Guitar Come With An Amplifier?

When you’re buying a separate Fender guitar, an AMP will not be included in the price. Usually, an amplifier is only included when you buy a guitar bundle.

Although when you buy a Fender amplifier there are usually cables included.

Other Accessories That Don’t Come With Your Fender But Can Come In Handy

If you’re just starting to learn to play guitar, there are a few obvious things you should buy in addition to your new Fender guitar, such as an amplifier and some cables.

But there are also some things that are less obvious. Especially if you’ve never touched a guitar before. Here are some accessories that are not necessary perse, but that are useful to buy with your first guitar.

Guitar Stand

Although a guitar stand is not necessary it can be very handy and safe to get one. A guitar stand can prevent your guitar from falling and going out of tune quickly.

It also gives you an easy place to put it down when it’s not in use. If the guitar is on a stand, it won’t slide or fall to the ground. In addition, you’ll have quick and easy access to your instrument any time you want to play it.

Guitar Tuner

It’s very easy to install a guitar tuner app on your phone. But those apps are not always accurate and for some, you even have to pay a monthly fee.

Getting a tuner for $15 on amazon can prevent a lot of headaches when tuning your guitar.

Guitar Capo

A capo is a great addition to a beginner’s first guitar. A capo is a device that can be attached to the neck of a guitar. It can be used to change the key of a song by changing its pitch.

A guitar capo can be useful for first-time guitar players because it can make it easier to play certain chords. It can also help you to learn how to play songs in different keys.

The capo has two main parts: a clamp and a lever. The clamp secures the capo to the headstock, while the lever acts as a lever that pushes down on the strings. When a guitarist uses a capo, they are raising the pitch of all of the strings.

A guitar capo can be good to buy with your first guitar because it can make learning how to play easier. It can also help you to learn new songs more quickly.


As you can see, there are usually not a lot of accessories included when shopping for a Fender guitar.

If this is the first guitar you’re buying, consider buying a Fender beginner kit with all the accessories you need so you can start playing right away!

If not, and you’re looking for a more expensive thousand dollars plus Fender. Keep in mind that only a case, strings, and some picks come with the guitar. You will need to purchase an amp and some cables separately.

If you buy a fender that is under a thousand dollars. In addition to a separate amp and some cables, you’ll need to buy a case and some picks.

Thanks for reading!