How To Jump With A Guitar (Explained!)

You might have already played a few gigs, and those all went well. But now you’re looking to take your performance to the next level and you’re wondering how do I jump with my guitar?

That’s exactly the thing that we’re going to find out in this article!

Here Is How You Jump With A Guitar:

Have Some Space Around You:

The first thing that you need to do is to make sure that there is some space around you. This is because you’re going to be jumping, and you don’t want to collide with anything or anyone.

If you’re planning to jump around like crazy, make sure the stage is big enough and you have as little cables and equipment laying on the ground as possible.

Make Sure Your Cable Stays Plugged In:

The next thing that you need to take care of is your cable. Make sure it’s plugged in good and won’t come unplugged while you’re jumping around.

It might be a good idea to wrap your cable around your guitar strap a few times. That way it definitely won’t pop out. An even better option is to get a wireless connector to your amp or sound system.

Don’t Drop Your Guitar:

The last thing you want is to drop your guitar. This can easily happen if you’re not careful.

Make sure that you have a good grip on your guitar, and that it’s not too heavy for you to carry around.

Make sure your strap is properly attached to your guitar. The strap can save you from accidentally dropping it.

It might also be a good idea to have a backup guitar in case something happens to the one you’re using.

Know When To Jump With Your Guitar

The best time to jump with your guitar is during a chorus or verse when you’re just playing some simple chords that are easy to play while moving.

This might sound obvious but starting to jump around with your guitar when you’re playing a solo isn’t going to work.

Likewise jumping around when you’re playing a calm song isn’t the best idea also, you got to feel the energy of the song a bit.

Tips for Jumping While playing guitar

Practice Before Doing It Live:

Before you even think about jumping around with your guitar during a live performance, you should practice it first.

That way you’ll know what to do and you won’t mess it up when jumping in front of an audience.

Playing on a stage should become second nature, knowing how to play all the songs without even thinking about it should free up some brainpower to make your moves on stage!

Keep When You Need To Sing In Mind

If you’re the lead singer or even do backup vocals, it’s important to keep in mind to not let yourself get out of breath too much. Otherwise, you won’t be able to properly sing when you need to.

It could get really awkward when the music is playing on and you’re standing there not able to sing because of all the jumping around.


Jumping around with your guitar is a great way to add some energy and excitement to your performance.

Just make sure that you’re prepared before doing it, and that you know when the best time to do it is.

Other than that, have fun and enjoy yourself!

Thanks for reading!