Can I Take Guitar On a Delta Airlines Flight? (Answered!)

If you’re a frequent air traveler or plan to become one, it’s important to know the rules concerning carry-on luggage. The size and weight restrictions as well as the types of items that are allowed can vary depending on the airline.

This article details everything about the Delta Airlines guitar policy and how you should pack it if you do decide to bring it with you.

Can You Bring a Guitar On a Delta Airlines Plane?

You can bring your guitar on a Delta Airlines flight, as long as it fits in the overhead bin and there is still room when you board the plane.

Delta Airlines is required by law to let you carry your guitar as a carry-on when these requirements are met.

If you’re taking a guitar on a Delta flight as your only hand-luggage item, you’ll be able to bring it onboard free of charge.

But if you have another carry-on item with you, such as a suitcase, then you’ll have to check in one of them.

Delta Airlines plane

Priority Boarding

To make sure there is still room in the overhead bins for your guitar. You could consider paying a fee of $15 for priority boarding.

This way your guitar doesn’t accidentally end up in the hold of the airplane because there was no room left.

The cost of priority boarding is significantly cheaper than on American airlines for example, where the cost can be as high as $74 per flight.

Book An Extra Seat

A more expensive alternative to ensure you can take your guitar with you in the cabin is to book an extra seat for your guitar.

Although you will then be 100% sure you can bring your guitar, it is usually not worth the cost compared to just getting priority boarding.

Size Requirements of Your Bags

On the website of Delta airlines, it is stated that your carry-on bag can not exceed 62 inches in total when measured; length x width x height.

However, for musical instruments, an exception is made and the only requirements are that your guitar fits in the overhead bin.

Maximum Weight Requirements

Your Guitar case can have a maximum weight of 50 pounds with Delta airlines just like a normal carry-on bag.

So unless you plan to put some rocks in the case with your guitar, you’ll be fine.

How Much Does It Cost To Check a Guitar On Delta Airlines?

If you don’t have a Delta membership of some sort, it will cost you $30 to check your guitar. If you are a member, your first checked bag will be free.

Unlike with United airlines, there are no extra costs when you check your guitar at the gate.

If you want to check your guitar, Southwest Airlines Might be a better choice. Because the first two checked bags are free with them.

I would recommend taking your guitar with you as carry-on luggage so you can be sure it’s safe. You don’t want airport personnel to throw your guitar around.

Does a Guitar Fit In The Overhead Bin?

The overhead bin size can vary depending on the plane with Delta airlines. Usually, a regular guitar will fit in the overhead bin, but if you want to make sure you have to contact reservations.

Your guitar is likely going to take up three suitcase spaces, but this is allowed on an airplane. You just have to make sure you’re one of the first to board the plane so that there is still room.

What To Do If My Guitar Doesn’t Fit In The Overhead Bin?

If your guitar doesn’t fit in the overhead bin you can either check it in or buy an additional seat for your instrument.

Depending on the kind of membership you have, checking in your guitar can be free or $30, if you decide to buy another seat you have to pay the price of another adult ticket for that flight.

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How To Pack Your Guitar For a Flight.

When you are taking your guitar as a carry-on you only really need a hard case, and that’s it. But if you’re going to check in your guitar you want to protect it a little better. We’re going to cover a few things you could do.

You could consider packing your guitar like this even if you take it as a carry-on. Just in case there is no room in the overhead bins and you have to put it in the hold of the airplane.

Invest In a Good Hard Case

With Delta Airlines, you don’t have to travel with your guitar in a hard case, but it’s still a good idea to get one.

A hard case also protects your guitar from being damaged. So make sure you buy a sturdy one!

On the other hand, you also don’t want your guitar case to be too heavy. Since you’ll be traveling with your guitar and you have to carry it around with you.

A sturdy light hard case like this one is perfect to travel with.

You Don’t Have to Loosen Your Strings

Everyone thinks that you have to detune your guitar before a flight, but that is a myth.

It is true that steel strings can create a lot of tension on the guitar, but this doesn’t really matter because all modern guitars have what we call ”adjustable truss rods”. So when there is too much tension on the neck/strings you could just adjust the truss rod.

Plus, the cabin that the luggage is stored in is climate-controlled and pressurized.

There are guitar manufacturers that ship their guitars worldwide and this is mostly done by air travel. When a guitar arrives in the store or on your doorstep it is still somewhat tuned to standard.

Use Bubble Wrap To Protect Your Guitar

Use some bubble wrap to protect your guitar inside the case. Do this especially if the case you are using is not made for the model of guitar you have, then you may have a lot of extra space around your guitar.

Make sure that your guitar sits tight and has no room to move around in the case. So stuff it with bubble wrap and put some cloth under the neck for some extra support.

Use a Lock On Your Guitar Case

It’s a good idea to use a lock on your guitar case particularly if you have an expensive guitar.

A lock doesn’t prevent people from stealing the whole guitar case but it does prevent people from peaking inside and checking if your guitar is worth stealing.

Label Your Guitar

Make sure you put a ”Fragile” label on your guitar letting the airline’s personnel know they have to be careful with your guitar.

Also, consider putting a name tag with your phone number on your case. For the rare instance that someone else carries a guitar case like you, or for when your guitar gets lost.

Fragile Label

General Tips For Flying With Your Guitar

Don’t Bring Your Best Guitar On The Plane

This may seem like a no-brainer, but don’t bring your best guitar on the plane.

That means a guitar that is a collectible or one that has sentimental value to you or a guitar that is signed by your favorite guitarist.

You never know when something might happen to it and you really don’t want to damage your most expensive guitar.

So unless you’re a professional musician who needs to take their best guitar with them, consider leaving it at home.

Pack a Humidifier With Your Guitar

Depending on where you’re traveling the air could be very dry. Your guitar is a wooden instrument and it could get damaged if it dries out.

You can get these small humidifier bags that can fit in your guitar case. Some of the really cheap ones tend to get moldy quickly, so consider buying one of better quality like this D’Addario Two-Way Humidification System.

Book a Seat Near The Front of The Plane

If you’re going to check in your guitar and you’re not taking it as a carry-on. Make sure you’re booking a seat in the front of the plane.

That way you are one of the first to get off the plane and you’re one of the first to get to the luggage belt so you can grab your guitar right after it lands on it.

Get a Travel Guitar or 3/4 Guitar

Journey Instruments make some of the best travel guitars that can snap into two parts so it has the size of a normal suitcase.

This makes it very convenient to travel with. Plus you don’t have to go through that awkward moment when other people on the plane get irritated because you are taking up three suitcase spots.

Another option is buying a 3/4 guitar. These guitars are a bit smaller than a regular guitar, also making them more convenient to travel with.


Yes, you can take your guitar on a Delta Airlines flight if it fits in the overhead bin and there is still room when you board the plane.

You also have to make sure you’re taking the right precautions so your guitar doesn’t get damaged or stolen.

Use a hardshell case, pack some bubble wrap, put a label on it, and consider using a lock. Flying with your guitar should be a fun and easy experience as long as you take the necessary precautions.