Is a 3/4 Guitar Good For Beginners? (All You Should Know!)

If you’re looking for a guitar that is more portable, not as expensive, and easier to play than a regular guitar, then the 3/4 size guitar might be perfect for you.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what makes 3/4 guitars so great for beginners, and we’ll cover some other questions that you might have about these guitars.

3/4 Cort Guitar
My 3/4 Cort Guitar

Is a 3/4 Guitar Good For Beginners?

A 3/4 guitar is great for beginners because the smaller neck makes it a bit easier to play than a regular guitar and I find that the smaller size makes it more comfortable to put my arm around when playing guitar.

These guitars are smaller than full-sized guitars, but they’re still big enough to feel like you’re playing normal guitar and apart from the size, they are exactly the same as a normal guitar.

They are also less expensive than a regular-sized guitar. This is great for beginners because when you’re just starting out, you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a guitar to find out later it’s not really your thing.

Now let’s rewind a bit and ask:

What Is a 3/4 Guitar?

A 3/4 size guitar is a smaller version of a regular guitar. As the name suggests, it has a shorter scale length of 23-24 inches instead of 25.5 inches and its total length is around 36 inches instead of 40+ inches.

3/4 guitars have been around for many years, but they’ve only been widely available from big companies in recent times partly because 3/4 guitars gained a lot of popularity because of Ed Sheeran whose main guitars are 3/4.

Does a 3/4 Guitar Sound Different?

If you have an old-school guitar teacher, they’ll probably have told you that 3/4 guitars are the worst and sound completely different than full-sized guitars.

Although there is some truth to that, because of the smaller body the guitar will produce less volume and sound a bit flatter. But only the veteran guitarists will notice this and if you’re just starting out, a 3/4 guitar will do just fine!

Buying a good quality 3/4 guitar will also help a lot in improving the sound, compared to buying a cheaper and poorly produced guitar.

Is a 3/4 Size Guitar Too Small?

This really comes down to personal preference, the only way to figure out if a 3/4 guitar is too small for you is to go to a physical guitar store and try out some different models.

As for me personally, my 3/4 guitar is the guitar I use the most actually. This has partly to do with that its right next to my desk and every time I get bored I will pick it up and play some.

This is another reason why I like 3/4 guitars, you can easily put them next to your desk or in a corner of a room and pick them up whenever you feel like it, they are not as clumsy as a regular-sized guitar can be.

Is a 3/4 Guitar Easier To Play?

A 3/4 guitar will be a bit easier to play than a regular-sized guitar because of its smaller size, it takes less to get used to.

Most people can easily wrap their hand around the neck of a 3/4 guitar. Compared to a full-sized guitar where it always takes some practice before you figure out how to properly put your hand around the neck and play chords without that buzzing sound.

Some Disadvantages of a 3/4 Guitar

  • A 3/4 guitar won’t sound as good as a regular sized guitar, like I said before this is because of the smaller body. Althought you need a good ear to notice it.
  • They go out of tune a bit quicker, because there is more pressure on the snares when playing it compared to a normal guitar.

Some Advantages of a 3/4 Guitar

  • 3/4 Guitars are less expensive! Because of lower production costs.
  • They weigh less and are smaller,which makes them easier to carry around if you need to move them or take it on vacation with you.
  • If you have small hands, a 3/4 size is much more suited for you because of its smaller neck.
  • In general, they are a bit easier to play than a normal guitar

Why Does Ed Sheeran Use a 3/4 Guitar?

Like I mentioned before Ed Sheeran’s main guitar is a 3/4 guitar. He got multiple Martin LX1 Series acoustic guitars which he named “Lloyd, Keith, Felix, Nigel, and Cyril”.

He used 3/4 guitars because before he rose to fame Ed Sheeran used to be homeless, as you can imagine carrying around a 3/4 guitar is a lot easier than carrying around a regular-sized guitar.

From that point on he got used to playing on 3/4 guitars and now likes that better than regular-sized guitars.

How Much Should You Pay For A 3/4 Guitar?

3/4 guitar prices vary greatly depending on the brand, quality of wood used in production, and other factors.

You definitely don’t have to pay 1000 dollars for a good 3/4 guitar, especially not if you’re just starting out. There are some great affordable models which you could get for around 200 dollars! Like the Cort Earth Mini Open Pore 3/4 guitar.

If you want to go for a bit more quality and have some more money to spend you could consider the Martin LX1 Series, like Ed Sheeran. These go for around 500 dollars.

What Is The Difference Between a 1/2 And 3/4 Guitar?

1/2 guitars, as the name implies are a stroke smaller than 3/4 guitars. These guitars are mostly for children, while 3/4 guitars can be used by both, kids and adults.

1/2 Guitars can also be easier for people with small hands to hold and play, as the neck is even smaller than a 3/4. If you’re still a kid and want to learn guitar, I definitely recommend getting a 1/2 size guitar first before moving on to a 3/4 or regular sized guitar.

Good Luck With Finding The Right Guitar For You!

A 3/4 guitar is a good option for beginners because they are easier to learn and are less expensive. You don’t have to spend too much in order to get a good 3/4 guitar.

I hope this article has helped you in deciding which guitar is right for you.

Thank you for reading!