Is a Guitar Stand Necessary? (From Experience)

You bought your guitar and now you’re wondering, do I need a guitar stand or can I do without one?

Although a guitar stand is not necessary it can be very handy and safe to get one. A guitar stand can prevent your guitar from falling and going out of tune quickly.

If you decide not to get one, you will need to find some other place to store your guitar. In this article, we’ll cover why a guitar stand is nice to have and discuss alternative ways to store your guitar.

guitar on a guitar stand

Why a Guitar Stand Is Necessary Sometimes

In general, a guitar stand protects your guitar from damage and gives you a place to put it down when it’s not in use. If the guitar is on a stand, it won’t slide or fall to the ground. In addition, you’ll have quick and easy access to your instrument any time you want to play it.

Especially when eventually you want to do a gig, you have to have a guitar stand to put your guitar on when you’re taking a break or when you’re switching from acoustic to electric guitar for instance.

Your guitar also won’t go out of tune so quickly as when you put it on your couch for instance, because the head and snares won’t be touching anything on a stand.

When your guitar is flat on a couch there can be cushions touching the tuning knobs or something can pull on your strings.

Alternatives To a Guitar Stand

What do you do if you don’t want or can’t get a guitar stand for some reason?

I once had a guitar stand break and was too lazy to replace it. It took a few months before I did, so I had to find alternative ways to store my guitar.

Put Your Guitar In The Corner Of a Room

One way I found is putting it in the corner of the room leaning against the wall, with the front side pointing against the wall. This doesn’t look that great and you might not like the idea of it touching the wall, but it’s relatively safe.

Your guitar will lean against the wall with its string retainers. That way the snares and tuning knobs aren’t touching anything.

Make a Guitar Stand Yourself

If you like having a small DIY project, this could be perfect for you. You could make a guitar stand of some wood or if you want to get serious and you have the equipment, you could make yourself a steel guitar stand.

This way you can make sure your stand is sturdy enough to hold your guitar safely.

I found this tutorial on how to make a wooden guitar stand yourself:

Store Your Guitar In a Gig-bag

If you don’t want to have your guitar out all the time, this could be a good alternative as well. Keep it in a gig-bag and hang it up on a coat hanger or put it under your bed.

This is good for those who mostly play at home, but don’t want to leave their instrument out all the time. It’s also a very safe way to store your guitar, when it’s in a bag under your bed there is not much that can happen to it!

Put Your Guitar Against Something else

Another way to store your guitar is by putting it on its side leaning against something. You could put it against the side of your couch for instance. Make sure that the snares and guitar head are not touching anything though.

Take into consideration that when you do this, your guitar may slip or slide away falling on the ground.

guitar leaning against furniture

The different Types of Guitar Stands Available

Multi Guitar Stand

If you have a lot of guitars or if you want to store more than one guitar, then a multi guitar stand is something for you.

This way all your guitars can fit on one stand and they’re easily accessible whenever you need them.

A-Frame Guitar Stand

The A-frame guitar stand is good for either acoustic guitars or electric guitars. With this stand, you can easily put your guitar on it or take it off without hurting your fingers.

Make sure when you’re going to buy one to check if the guitar stand is made for your type of guitar. There can be a difference in size, whether the stand is for acoustic, electric, or bass guitars.

A-frame guitar stand

Hook And Wall Mounted Guitar Hanger

If you’re looking for a way to hang your guitar in an easy, but still safe way then this is the thing for you.

You can put it on the wall by using brackets with hooks. Make sure whatever you choose to hang your instrument that it’s sturdy and won’t fall down.


A Guitar stand isn’t always necessary. There are many different ways to store your guitar, and the best way for you might not be a guitar stand. Maybe you prefer to just put it in the gig-bag when you’re not using it.

You can also make your own guitar stand if you want something more customized.

Whichever way you choose, just make sure your instrument is safe and won’t go out of tune easily, by not touching the snares or tuning knobs!

Thanks for Reading!