Is It Too Late To Learn Guitar At 20 Or 30? (Maybe?)

It’s never too late to learn guitar. It is definitely possible to learn guitar at 20 or 30 at these ages you still have high neural plasticity and can still learn new things easily.

So whether you’re a 20-something just starting out, or a 30-something who has always wanted to pick up the guitar but never got around to it now is the perfect time to start lessons and finally learn how to play.

Is It Too Late To Learn Guitar At 20 Or 30?

Most of the time, when we think about learning guitar, we imagine it as a very young person’s hobby.

Everyone has heard this classic “I wish I learned how to play guitar when I was younger” statement. We picture teenagers with raging hormones fawning over the latest One Direction song, using the guitar as an accessory. However, it is normal for older people to learn guitar.

Here is why you can still learn guitar even if you’re in your twenties or thirties:

Is It Too Late To Learn Guitar At 20?

You’re in your 20s, maybe you’re still studying and wonder: is it too late for me to learn guitar?

Anyone with an average IQ or even if you have an IQ that’s a bit below average can easily learn how to play guitar. So, That part won’t be a problem.

But it will take some effort, as it will for everyone and for you to be able to put some effort in you’ll need some spare time.

This is where it can get tricky. If you are anything like the average 20 something-year-old, your agenda will be full most of the time. You’ll either be studying working or hanging out with friends.

But I know a lot of people at this age will also spend hours on Instagram or Facebook mindlessly scrolling to get a dopamine hit. That time could be spent learning the guitar!

Instead of forgetting about a video you’ve only just watched 5 minutes ago, you can pick up your guitar and learn a new skill.

Is It Too Late To Learn Guitar At 30?

The same thing about your IQ and neuroplasticity also applies to anyone in their 30s. You’re totally capable of learning something new.

But in your 30s you have other responsibilities than in your 20s, maybe you got kids by now and you’re also working full time.

Learning guitar at this age can be a great “mindfulness” activity, where you get out of your day-to-day life for a moment and focus on learning something new.

So, again it’s not too late to start learning guitar. Will you become the next Jimi Hendrix? Probably not, but it can still be a lot of fun learning the guitar and you might even eventually join a band or do a gig!

What Will My Friends Think?

I know this question is in the back of some people’s minds. What will my friends think? Is learning guitar at 36 weird? Honestly, who cares what others think?

Most people probably think it’s impressive that you are learning a new skill, no matter what age you are.

But if you really do care what other people think, one way to go about it is to not tell anyone you are learning guitar. But only tell people once you’re comfortable with it.

First Steps To Get Started Learning Guitar

Buy a Guitar:

To learn guitar you first need to buy one! I would advise you to not go for the most expensive one right away. Because maybe once you start practicing you find out that learning guitar isn’t for you after all.

Alternatively, you can borrow a guitar from a friend. To see if you really want to learn the guitar and see if it’s for you or not.

If you can go down to your local music shop and try out some guitars first before buying one would be great, instead of blindly buying one online.

For your first guitar, the brand you pick doesn’t really matter as it is just for practicing at first. When you get better and start taking it seriously or maybe even play a few gigs, you can always get a really good one by then!

Start Practicing:

After you get over the initial hurdle of buying a guitar, it’s time to get started practicing. You might be a little confused about what you should actually practice.

An app like Fender Play can help you get a structured approach to learning the guitar.

When I was learning the guitar, it took me a while before I learned which fingers to use when playing different chords, mainly because there are so many chords out there!

So, keep in mind that it’s perfectly fine if you get confused over things you read online or what others tell you. Just hang in there and keep practicing if something feels weird. There is a good chance when you look up the same thing on YouTube, it will have been explained in different ways by different people.

I’ve found this beginner course on learning how to play guitar in 10 days. This youtube series could be a great strat for becoming a guitarist!

Have Fun Learning Guitar!

No matter when you start learning guitar, it is never too late to learn this great instrument. With practice and dedication, anyone can become a proficient guitarist.

If you’re in your 20s with little time for anything else but work or school, consider the benefits of picking up an instrument like the guitar that will provide hours of enjoyment while also giving your brain some cognitive stimulation.

You’ll enjoy making music on your own terms without having to commit years’ worth of study before playing at all!

On the other hand, if you are past 30 and have kids and full-time work responsibilities, don’t give up hope just yet! You may not be able to devote as much time as someone younger might but there are still plenty of ways you can make time for yourself to learn the guitar.

If you are worried about looking silly or incongruent with your age, don’t be! Those who care only about the music never judge. The rest of us just want to hear a great song and maybe have an awesome performer to look up to!

So yes, even if you are 20 or older, you can still learn how to play the guitar!

Thanks for reading!