The Most Warm Sounding Guitars (Tested & Tried)

Do you know the sound of a guitar? It’s warm, rich, and inviting. A guitar is an instrument that is loved by many people who enjoy playing it, listening to it, or both.

But guitars are not all created equal- some guitars have more warmth than others. This article explores some of the warmest sounding guitars on the market today.

What Makes A Guitar Sound Warm?

When people discuss a guitar’s warmth in terms of tone, they are usually talking about the depth of the sound. These warm-sounding guitars have depth that you can feel when you play them, especially when there is no amplification involved.

Many factors go into creating different sounds in guitars including the materials used to craft the body and neck, pickups, electronics, wood choices for top construction, bracing patterns used under the top, scale length, string gauges/materials, durometer (hardness) of fret material, hardware finish, etc.

All of these components contribute to how warm or bright a guitar sounds. Let’s look at some things that can make a guitar sound warmer:

The Kind of Wood That is Used

Rosewood and Maple are both very warm-sounding wood for a guitar. They have a very low-frequency response, making it sound deep.

Ebony is another wood that many companies use to craft the necks of their guitars to make them sound warmer.

A combination of these materials can add a lot of warmth and depth to the tone of a guitar.

How The Guitar Body is Made

A single-cutaway gives a warmer tonal feel because there are fewer elements in the overall design. This results in less high-frequency overtones coming from other parts of the body such as the heel joint and where other pieces join together.

Solid woods will generally give a warmer sound than a laminated one because they vibrate more freely, but this also depends on how much each piece has been manipulated by hand.

The Kind of Pickup of The Guitar

The pickup can also have a big effect on the sound of the guitar. A humbucker pickup has a fuller sound because the coil doesn’t pick up any of the outside noise, and it is less susceptible to feedback than single-coil pickups.

Single coils can sometimes be warmer sounding than humbuckers depending on the design and materials chosen by the manufacturer.

For example, if they use Alnico magnets or opposite polarities, this will cancel out some of the high frequencies and create a more mid-range tone overall.

The String Gauges

String gauges have a huge effect on the warmth of your guitar, especially the thicker gauges. Thicker strings are more unwieldy, but they also produce more low-end sound and volume.

This is because the heavier gauge puts more pressure on the neck of your guitar which results in it pushing back harder to counterbalance this extra weight (which gives you that warm tone).

The Amplifier Settings

Another thing that plays a part in the sound of your guitar is the amplifier settings you use. There are several different types of sounds you can get from your amplifier, no matter what guitar you play through it.

One way to make your amplifier sound “warmer” is by using the EQ controls to roll off some of the treble frequencies in either the low-end or high-end.

Simply reduce the highs and/or lows that you don’t want in order to achieve a more pleasing sound with less brightness.

Or play around with the settings until your guitar sounds the warmest.

The Most Warm Sounding Electric Guitars:

Les Paul Guitars

Les Paul is a very warm-sounding electric guitar in general compared to other brands because of the material choices and other components used.

The neck is usually made of maple wood with a rosewood fretboard to add warmth, while mahogany is generally chosen for the body to add depth and fullness to the tone.

The Les Paul has humbucker pickups that cancel out background noise which helps contribute to its warmth

Fender Telecaster

Usually, Telecaster guitars will sound warmer than a Stratocaster because of the way they are constructed.

They usually have noiseless single-coil pickups which are designed to cancel out excess noise from other sources, not only making the guitar sound cleaner but also warmer because there is no background buzz or hum.

You can make your Telecaster even warmer by using heavier strings with a thicker gauge.

Epiphone Guitars

Epiphone guitars are a bit like Les Paul guitars in that they are made with more expensive materials in order to produce a warmer tone. The neck is usually made of mahogany, while the body is usually made of solid maple wood for its warmth and resonance.

Epiphone pickups also have opposite polarity which means they cancel out some of the high-frequency noise that single coils would otherwise pick up.

The Most Warm Sounding Acoustic Guitars:

Jumbo Guitars

Because of their big bodies, Jumbo guitars sound a lot louder and warmer than normal guitars. Although they can be a bit clumsy they really sound warm.

If you want a warm sound simply choose Jumbo for its volume and size regardless of what kind of material is used to make it because almost all jumbo guitars will sound warmer than any normal guitar.

Taylor Guitars

The Taylor guitar sounds warm because of the shape of their bodies. They are designed with rounded shoulders rather than straight shoulders to provide a fuller tone that is not as nasal sounding as regular guitars.

Their soundboards are also pretty large which contributes to its warmth.

Gibson Guitars

Gibson guitars usually have a warmer tone compared to other guitar brands also because of the way they are designed.

Like I said before with the Jumbo guitars, the bigger your body, the warmer your tone will be.

Their necks are also made of mahogany which is a very warm-sounding wood that naturally resonates and creates sound easily.


There are several different types of guitars that produce a warm tone. Some of the most popular brands include Gibson, Fender, and Epiphone.

You can make your guitar sound warmer by using different amplifier settings or changing the type of strings you use.

Jumbo guitars tend to be the loudest and warmest sounding acoustic guitars, while Les Pauls have a very warm electric sound.

Try out different guitars until you find one that suits your style and gives you the warmth you are looking for in your music. Thanks for reading!